20 to Eternity

A short flash I did with a thought in my head sometime ago. Not my best work, but one of my favorites.

20 to Eternity

We are just like everyone else, to be honest. We work, pay taxes, go to bars and dance drunk. We live normal lives for the most part. Some of us are famous. Some of us are little more than bums. It amuses me when people try to imitate us. Those people wouldn’t know us from a hair on their butt. I can’t really blame them, though. All they have to go on are other people’s stories.

The first time I saw Twilight I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Sparkly vampires. Really. When I told Eron, he just snorted and shook his head. He once told me that vampires started most of the rumors about them so they would be left alone. However, some vamps like to mess with people and start new absurd rumors – like the sparkling thing. Then again, the human race did have a fertile imagination.

Ah, Eron. Beautiful Eron. He taught me all I know about being a vampire. He is the love of my life, my best friend, and teacher. He is everything to me and I would be lost without him. Eron has been around since before recorded time. He was a warrior in a tribe of humans before even Rome existed. He was turned in the prime of his life and has changed little, except for what is necessary for someone who lives for centuries.

Eron is taller than most humans and built like an ox, he has tattoos that cascade from the top of his head, down his chest and back. Most people that see him think he is some kind of Goth Punk rocker. He once told me that the vamp who turned him said he was a perfect specimen worthy of the Gift.

Not just anyone can be turned, you see. Only those with certain qualities can be turned, and the one doing the turning has to petition the Others before it can be done. The vampire community is extremely vain. While they aren’t sexist or ageist or racist, per se, they don’t want to turn someone who might give them a bad reputation or otherwise reflect poorly on them as a species.

There was a time many centuries ago when they would turn anyone, but that almost ended in disaster as a few undesirables liked to tout the fact they were vamps. This had led to more than a few torch wielding mobs searching us out and killing us. After that fiasco, vampires were a little more careful who they let into their ranks and kept to themselves.

Humanity is skittish about anything they don’t understand. They are used to being on the top of the food chain and get scared when they find out that they aren’t. If we came out and let the world know we were here, all hell would break loose as it did before, only now there would be experiments and vamp camps and a potential all out war on us. When it happened before, we managed to blame fungal poisoning or mass hysteria. I am not so sure that would work today.

Eron had to ask for special permission to turn me. So, yes. I knew what I was getting into. I wasn’t forced to become a vampire, nor was it an accident. There is a ceremony that is done and what-not. Vamps love ceremonies. It helps break the monotony of being alive forever.

How did I meet Eron? In a bar, if you can believe that. So cliché, right? It was a little hole in the ground out in the boondocks of the American South. I don’t really remember the name, but I do remember seeing Eron.

Everyone saw Eron.

It’s not like you could miss him, really a hulking mass of a man who oozes sexuality walking into a seedy hole in the wall with nothing but rednecks and other drunk losers is kinda hard to miss. I didn’t know what he was then, of course. I just felt warm in certain places and the air felt electric.

Vampires are very good at playing normal nowadays. They have had centuries to practice, after all. I did know he was different, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. He did have very good manners (still does) and was very polite (still is). Old world gentleman, I guess you could say.

We had been dating for some months before he told me. When he said that we had to talk, I had feared that he was married or was breaking up or some other normal dating disaster. But, no. He told me he was a vampire, and he wanted to make me one, too. It was shocking at first, but I was so head over heels that I was willing to do anything if it meant being with him.

What could be better than walking eternity with a hottie? I mean, yea, you could marry a hottie when you are human, but neither you nor they will stay that way. Eron and I will be beautiful forever. How cool is that?

I did ask him once, though, why me? He said that I was his reincarnated mate from his living life. That was kinda weird but, then again, I was dating a vampire so it wasn’t that weird.

We went to the Vampire Council, and he asked permission -it was all very formal- and told them I was his wife from before and he wanted to turn me. I was looked over and judged much like a prized steer at a Texas auction house.

They found no fatal flaws -physical or mental- and gave me permission to be turned. It was a big affair after that. The actual turning is private, but there is a ceremony beforehand that is usually observed. The only way I can explain it is a cross between a wedding and a birthday party. It is all very formal like a wedding and everyone congratulates and welcomes you into the family, but they also celebrate your new birthday, or rather your “re-birth” day. The celebration can last days, actually. Vamps love to party! I am not allowed to tell of the actual turning. That is a secret. Not sure why, but it is. Vamps like their secrets, too. Let’s just say it is a lot like a honeymoon. It is very intense, and it takes a few days.

That was…hmm…maybe 20 years ago?

20 years going on eternity.

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