you try to hide
the thoughts that
slowly creep in
take deep breaths

keep your face calm
but your eyes
always give you away
you smile and nod

no one knows
what is happening
on the inside
of your mind

others see the illusion
of perfection and joy
not the torment inside
burning like a hot coal

you say
everything is great
you say
nothing is wrong

you say
i am just tired
but never say
what you are tired of

death by a thousand cuts
comments spoken then forgotten
but not by you
you remember them all

tally them up
like emotional currency
your bank account
is in the red

when you ask
for your needs
to be met
there are conditions

you give and give
they take and take
occasionally throwing
you scraps of validation

at your feet but
it isn’t enough
to live on


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