Mercury in Retrograde

Originally posted on my old writing blog on March 12, 2019

Mercury in Retrograde

“Mercury is in retrograde.” Samantha said, digging through her bottomless bag. “But don’t worry. It won’t be like this forever. Once it is out of retrograde things will go back to normal.”

Keri sat motionless watching her best friend pawing through the enormous bag. The bag was handmade out of some kind of thick upholstery fabric with thick, round, wooden handles. The pattern had long since been lost to the ages and it reminded Keri of history class when the teachers would talk about carpetbaggers.

“Ah! Here they are!” Samantha brought out a beautiful deck of playing cards. The backs look similar to other playing cards but with a rich green vine design. The faces of the cards were amazing. Hand drawn art adorned each one with all the suits having their own theme, but similar in design to each other. Samantha started sorting through the deck looking for a specific card. Keri sat patient and curious at the table and waited.

“Here it is. This is you,” Samantha said and laid the Queen of Diamonds on the table. The diamonds on the card were a brilliant blue and the queen had light brown hair, green eyes, and the typical ermine cloak associated with royalty.

Keri didn’t think it was anything like her with her shoulder length mousy hair and hazel eyes, faded tee shirt, jeans and Keds. The Queen was a little more classy.

“Now, I need you to shuffle the deck really good and then cut the deck three times.”

Keri obeyed Samantha’s directions and shuffled then cut the deck of cards. “This one is what is going on with you now.” She pulled out the five of clubs and laid this across the Queen of Diamonds. “This is your influence card, which is why it is on top of your face card. The five usually represents bullying or disagreements.”

“Which pertains to this whole promotion thing…” Keri confirmed before being interrupted by Samantha.

“That has more to do with Mercury. You feel like you are going backwards and are full of confusion. This is something else like a deception.”

“Well, I do feel all of that. I mean, Jeff lied about who finished that project. Clare and I did it, but he took all the credit and everyone believed him.” Keri told herself to calm down before she started on another tangent. She came to her friend for advice for a reason. Samantha may be a little air headed and she may dress like a hippie with long gauze-y skirts and peasant tops, but she had amazing intuition and that is what Keri needed right now.

“We still have two more cards, so hold your butt.” Samantha pulled another card, this one the eight of spades, and put it to the left of the two cards in the center. “This one is your immediate past saying how you felt like you were backed into a corner.” Samantha pulled the last card. “And this one is your immediate future. This is the one that tells us where you are going.” Samantha looked at the card for a moment before putting it down to the right of the other cards with a smile. It was the ace of diamonds.

“So…what does that one mean?” Keri said, confused. Maybe the other two cards were right if for no other reason this reading was very confusing.

“This, my dear, is the Ace of Diamonds. It means new things – new house, new project….new job.”

Keri stared at the cards. “But what does it mean? Seriously, Sam. I know you buy into all this, but it doesn’t mean anything to me!” Keri waved her hands above her head in frustration. She took a deep breath as Samantha covered her hand with her own.

“It means, honey, that you need to be patient. That these things are happening to you and they suck ass, but someone is paying attention and it will pay off.” Samantha patted her hand and continued. “Be patient. I promise you will see a pay off.”

Samantha left a few hours later saying she had to make it to a drum circle a few hours away. Keri was never into to the new age stuff which means her friend left her with more questions than answers. She started to think again about her job and the promotion. Surely the cards weren’t talking about that. It was a given that Jeff was going to get the promotion since he took credit for the work she and Clare put in. When she complained she was told that even though he didn’t physically do the work, he supervised it which makes him leadership material.

“This is such bullshit.” Keri said and opened the freezer to pull out some Moose Tracks ice cream and decided that she was going to binge watch some Netflix even if it was only 4:00 in the afternoon. She brought her comfort ice cream to the bedroom and climbed in her double size bed. Just as she got cozy and began to search through the Netflix menu, an email dinged her phone.

Looking at the email app, she sat dumbfounded. The email was from an old boss who had changed jobs a few years ago.

Hi Keri! This is Angela-I hope you remember me!

I hope this email finds you well! I don’t know if you are in the market for a new job, but we just had a position open up for an AGILE coach in my company. I remember you did get certified before I left Jacobs Inc. and thought you might be a good fit. It will mean you changing career paths a bit, but I know you would be able to handle it. Besides, it pays more money than what you are probably making now. I know they didn’t like to give out raises when I was there.

Let me know if I need to put you in touch with the lady hiring! I hope to hear from you soon!


“Well, I will be damned. Sam, you were right.” Was all Keri could say.

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