Red Riding Hood

Originally Posted on my old writing blog on August 29, 2018

“What are you doing tonight, Red?” Jack yelled from across the parking lot. Amy hated being called Red, but her ginger hair didn’t lend itself to other nicknames.

“Not much, Jack. I h ave to be at the lawyer’s office early in the morning. They are reading my grandmother’s will.” Amy answered and continued to walk to her car. She didn’t care for Jack, anyway. He was manipulative and controlling, even though he wasn’t a supervisor. he had already made his way through the rest of the women in her office, what was left of them. Most of the women left as soon as he dumped them.

He had a bad habit of bragging to everyone what happened on dates and the women were left too embarrassed to stay. Amy was the only holdout by not accepting his advances or invitations. She had no interest in riding the burning bus.

Surely you can have a drink with us at Charlie’s before going home. It’s happy hour!” Jack leaned against her car as she pulled out her keys. His many whiter than white teeth taking up the lower third of his face in a creepy grin. For a moment she thought he was growling at her like a dog. Amy paused to consider the invitation.

“Who all will be going?” She barely participated in office anything and she needed to talk to Patrick about a new project she had been dreaming up.

Jack flashed his teeth at her again in an even bigger smile. She knew he felt he had almost caught his prey.

“Well, it will be me, Mike from accounting, Scott S., Scott R., Patrick, and maybe Shelby from accounts receivables. Mike was going to ask her at lunch, but I hadn’t heard anything back.” He cocked his head kind of sideways, like when a puppy is listening to a strange sound.

Amy bit her lip, contemplating the ramifications – pros and cons. A heavy feeling settled in her stomach at hearing all the male names, but she really did need to talk to Patrick…


This was a writing prompt to my adult students to recreate a fairy tale in modern terms. I wasn’t about to leave them to the wolves on it.
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Red Riding Hood by Idgie Stark is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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