She stood at the intersection watching the traffic light change colors. The cold rain had washed away the traces of tears and made her face less red. She didn’t mind being soaking wet and cold. For the first time in years she felt like she could breathe.

Her life was suddenly empty- but not of bottomless despair. It was more like a blank page, pregnant with possibility. Waiting for the story to be birthed from the writer’s pen.

She looked behind her to the road she came down. She wasn’t going to go back that way. That story was done. She looked to her left. Down that road she saw a romance story where she would meet a man that thought she was beautiful and would hold her when she cried.

Down the right road, she saw an adventure story. She would visit exotic places and eat new and strange foods. Down the road in front of her She saw a mystery story full of unknown intrigue and excitement.

Any of the roads would do, she thought. But she had to choose one. Chances are those roads would also fork at some point, too.She looked at the sky. The rain had stopped. Then traffic lights changed again.

The little man on the crosswalk signal made an appearance and she stepped off the curb.


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