I wanted to love

And be loved

To be seen and heard

Now I know

These things

Are Not for one

Such as me

I stay on the fringes

Haunting a house

I have never lived in

A tired ghost

Forever longing

For the life

That never was

Not knowing my

Death had already come

To me in my

Sleep long ago

I reach out my hands

And find nothing

People passing through me

As if I were mist

Acknowledging me

With a mere shiver

Forever bound to life

Yet never living

Searching for something

I can never know

Finding it yet

Never possessing it

Always fighting the urge

To become the poltergeist

Throwing tantrums

To punish those who

Live the life

I have always wanted


You move through existence
no one noticing except
when the dishes need washing
or the laundry folded

you think about your past life
memories of dreams before
reality kicked you in the face
and left you bleeding in the street

you wonder what happened
to that person who made the plans
to dig up dinosaur bones and travel
living life to the fullest

replaced by the sad specter
you see in the mirror
floating through the life
you have been haunting

you meet new people
rattle your chains to be noticed
you start to live vicariously
through others’ achievements

only experiencing temporary joy
as you begin to wonder
if any one would notice
your absence

then realize that the space
you occupied would quickly
be filled by a warmer
body than yours

the void only being felt
when the dishes needed washing
or the laundry folded
since you are only a Ghost

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