Hey look, I did a new ebook thing…

Black book cover with ghost "Ghosts, poetry from the darkness by Idgie Stark"
Ghosts: Poetry from the Darkness

My newest poetry collection. Somewhat angry and very depressed, most of these were published here on my blog and/or on my Twitter. I just decided to compile them into one place.

As of now, it is only an ebook. I haven’t decided if I wanted to make a print version. 

Red Riding Hood

Originally Posted on my old writing blog on August 29, 2018

“What are you doing tonight, Red?” Jack yelled from across the parking lot. Amy hated being called Red, but her ginger hair didn’t lend itself to other nicknames.

“Not much, Jack. I h ave to be at the lawyer’s office early in the morning. They are reading my grandmother’s will.” Amy answered and continued to walk to her car. She didn’t care for Jack, anyway. He was manipulative and controlling, even though he wasn’t a supervisor. he had already made his way through the rest of the women in her office, what was left of them. Most of the women left as soon as he dumped them. Continue reading “Red Riding Hood”