I knew I was nothing to you
Though you tried to
Convince me otherwise

I knew they were lies you told me
Though I turned away and
Covered my ears

I knew it was fake emotions
Though my thoughts
Tried to warn me

What game did you play
That I was a pawn
You moved on the board

What did you get
From stringing me along
Then disappearing

I will never know the answer
We will never speak again
And that is for the best


The days blend together

The nights lonely 

No solace offered

Time dragging on

Paste on a smile

So no one is uncomfortable

Go through the motions

What else is there to do

You try to tell them

But instead of listening

They tell you cheer up

You have everything

No reason to be sad

No reason to drown

No reason to make

Everyone else feel down

It’s all lip service

No one wants to know

What happens inside

The confines of your mind

Though they ask 

Over and over

Are you ok?

What can I do?

I am not sure

How else to say it

I am not ok

I am never ok

Maybe there is nothing

You can do 

But let me burn

To ash


Ash by Idgie Stark is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.