Screenshot of the world Integrity out of the dictionary.

Merriam-Webster defines integrity
As the quality
Of being honest and fair
As having a firm adherence
To a code of moral values

In layman’s terms it means
To tell the truth even when it hurts
To face the consequences of your actions
To own your mistakes
To apologize and make amends

Integrity is prized by everyone
Yet very few have it
Quick to disappear
From your life
Until they need something from you

They get angry
When you call out their bullshit
Stand your ground and refuse to budge
How dare you have boundaries
And self respect?

The ones with integrity
Own their mistakes
Change their behavior
Apologize for wrongs
Then work to never
Make the same mistakes again

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Hey look, I did a new ebook thing…

Black book cover with ghost "Ghosts, poetry from the darkness by Idgie Stark"
Ghosts: Poetry from the Darkness

My newest poetry collection. Somewhat angry and very depressed, most of these were published here on my blog and/or on my Twitter. I just decided to compile them into one place.

As of now, it is only an ebook. I haven’t decided if I wanted to make a print version.