My Dear

filigree heart drawing

My dear,
He is not for you
He does not feel
The love you give
And does not know
What to do with it

My dear,
He was simply
Junk food for
A quick carb high
A broken thing
In need of repair
But you cannot repair him
You do not have that skill

My dear,
You deserve more
Than someone broken
More than a man
Who does not know
What to do with
The love you gave him

My dear,
You deserve someone
Who will fight for you
Or die for you
Not someone
Who will run and hide
When things get
Uncomfortable or difficult

My dear,
One day you will feel
The love that you give
So freely to anyone and
Everyone else
Even to those
Who do not know
What to do with it

My dear,
A man will show up
And hold your love
Like a beacon
In the dark so he
Can find his way
Back home
And who will
Use his love
To repair your
Broken heart

But, my dear
It is not this man
He is not for you




I knew I was nothing to you
Though you tried to
Convince me otherwise

I knew they were lies you told me
Though I turned away and
Covered my ears

I knew it was fake emotions
Though my thoughts
Tried to warn me

What game did you play
That I was a pawn
You moved on the board

What did you get
From stringing me along
Then disappearing

I will never know the answer
We will never speak again
And that is for the best


red azalea bush close up of blooms

Are you afraid of me?
Are you scared?
Afraid of my passion
Which roars like a bonfire yet
Men beg me to burn them to ash
Afraid I will banish you to the arctic
Regions of my anger an scorn
Where men die lonely and cold

For you my dear
I am no raging bonfire
Or the frozen death of ice
For you my darling
I am a crackling hearth
A soft blanket
And hot soup
On a cold day

For you my love
I am spring sunshine
A cooling summer breeze
Wildflowers in the meadow
I am a flowing stream
Clear and pure
Cascading down
From the mountain peak

You never have to worry
About being burned or frozen
My fire will only ignite your own
My cold will be tempered
By our combined passion
Together we will blaze
Our own inferno
And the world will be ours


Passion by Idgie Stark is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.