…And Scene

Originally posted on my old writing blog on Sept. 5, 2018

Sadie’s boots crunched the gravel beneath her feet as if they were a squirrel eating acorns. The road had long been abandoned, well, all the roads were to be honest, and all that was left was pulverized bits of stone and asphalt. Nature was taking it course as a few dandelions valiantly claimed the cracks. She couldn’t help but see the bright yellow flower heads as victory flags.

Sadie kept her eyes focused on the road ahead of her. She wondered if she would ever find the end since no matter how far she walked, the end always seemed to be swallowed by the forest around her. It didn’t matter. She had to keep moving. To be still would be to give up. She had to find the others.

The trees and overgrown grasses were a bright, emerald green. It somehow reminded her of the Emerald City minus the people. She imagined this being a setting only a writer to describe with bees and other flying things floating in the air. Now and again she would pass an old house or barn sometimes with most of the walls missing. Dilapidated and tired of standing were a perfect metaphor for how she felt as well. If she were stuck in one place as they were, she would want to fall down into pieces, too.

The world she was in now was not the world she was born into. She had vague memories of family vacations at the beach. Seagulls lazily circling the sunbathers hoping to find a stray french fry. Children quickly building sandcastles only to have the waves wash them out again. The children never seemed to mind, they would just build another only to have the waves wash that one out, too.

That time was long gone. Oh, the beaches were still there. But the people were all gone. The beach houses long since swallowed by a hungry sea leaving only seaweed and crabs. Now the sea kissed the forests. The water had risen so high that now the inland wasn’t inland anymore, it was coast. It was odd to her to see trees that were normally only seen in the middle of the country dipping their rooty toes into the saltwater of the Atlantic.

She was still walking when the sun started to hide behind the trees. Sadie rounded a corner and came upon a rusted heap of a car. So rusted you couldn’t tell what it was right away and it appeared like an enormous bug shell. She stopped her pacing to stare at the heap. She had heard that the insects were getting bigger, though they always seemed the same to her. Someone at the last settlement told her to be careful of the giant mosquitoes. “They will carry you off before you know what hit ya!”, they said. She was never sure if they were joking or serious, so she kept a look out anyway. Still, she couldn’t help but think of how horrifying it would be to see a bug the size of a VW Beetle.

The cloak of night settled in as the sun decided to visit another part of the world. She hated the night and so decided to camp here next to the rusted out bug shell car. The shadows always seemed like claws reaching for her, especially when she was alone. But she was always alone. Maybe the bug shell could keep her company.
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My Dear

filigree heart drawing

My dear,
He is not for you
He does not feel
The love you give
And does not know
What to do with it

My dear,
He was simply
Junk food for
A quick carb high
A broken thing
In need of repair
But you cannot repair him
You do not have that skill

My dear,
You deserve more
Than someone broken
More than a man
Who does not know
What to do with
The love you gave him

My dear,
You deserve someone
Who will fight for you
Or die for you
Not someone
Who will run and hide
When things get
Uncomfortable or difficult

My dear,
One day you will feel
The love that you give
So freely to anyone and
Everyone else
Even to those
Who do not know
What to do with it

My dear,
A man will show up
And hold your love
Like a beacon
In the dark so he
Can find his way
Back home
And who will
Use his love
To repair your
Broken heart

But, my dear
It is not this man
He is not for you