Dear Diary

This was a YA prompt I had to do…Not my best work

Dear Diary,
I kissed Logan tonight at the bowling alley. Seriously. I didn’t realize he was even there until he asked if he could just me, Corine, and Skye in our game when we started. He was there with his parents and was bored when he saw us. Of course we couldn’t say no. Skye and Corine just gave me a sly side eye when he sat down. They know I have had a crush on him since 5th grade. Suddenly there he was in his blue sweatshirt smiling at me. Before I knew it, my mom texted me saying she was on her way to pick me up. I left Skye and Corine to finish their game to wait for my mom outside and Logan followed me out. I am not really sure how it happened. I just remember laughing at something then him being really close, then kissing. I can still smell him on my shirt. Continue reading “Dear Diary”