About Idgie

I graduated in 2020 with my Master’s in Fine Arts degree for English and Creative Writing. Before the pandemic hit, I had been teaching creative writing to middle school students and adult students in the school district I am in. Some of my students I am still in touch with and have went on to be published.

I have self published two small poetry books and my work in progress is a science fiction novel, but here I write a little bit of everything!  

I had to start a blog for my MFA, but I didn’t like it. I was very to the letter of the rubric. So, after graduation, I closed that one and started this one. I have some stories on there that are being migrated over. They will be mixed in with other work I write along the way. 

You can find me on Twitter most of the time, though I occasionally hang out in Instagram

I hope you enjoy your stay.

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