Hey look, I did a new ebook thing…

Black book cover with ghost "Ghosts, poetry from the darkness by Idgie Stark"
Ghosts: Poetry from the Darkness

My newest poetry collection. Somewhat angry and very depressed, most of these were published here on my blog and/or on my Twitter. I just decided to compile them into one place.

As of now, it is only an ebook. I haven’t decided if I wanted to make a print version. 


filigree heart drawing




I gave you my heart
for safekeeping

You only let me
look at yours

You gave mine back
But took a piece

You didn’t try
to stop the bleeding

A bleeding heart
and a memory

Is all I have left of you
to keep me warm

I shiver in the dark
Yet thankful

I have proof
You were here

My Dear

filigree heart drawing

My dear,
He is not for you
He does not feel
The love you give
And does not know
What to do with it

My dear,
He was simply
Junk food for
A quick carb high
A broken thing
In need of repair
But you cannot repair him
You do not have that skill

My dear,
You deserve more
Than someone broken
More than a man
Who does not know
What to do with
The love you gave him

My dear,
You deserve someone
Who will fight for you
Or die for you
Not someone
Who will run and hide
When things get
Uncomfortable or difficult

My dear,
One day you will feel
The love that you give
So freely to anyone and
Everyone else
Even to those
Who do not know
What to do with it

My dear,
A man will show up
And hold your love
Like a beacon
In the dark so he
Can find his way
Back home
And who will
Use his love
To repair your
Broken heart

But, my dear
It is not this man
He is not for you