red azalea bush close up of blooms

Are you afraid of me?
Are you scared?
Afraid of my passion
Which roars like a bonfire yet
Men beg me to burn them to ash
Afraid I will banish you to the arctic
Regions of my anger an scorn
Where men die lonely and cold

For you my dear
I am no raging bonfire
Or the frozen death of ice
For you my darling
I am a crackling hearth
A soft blanket
And hot soup
On a cold day

For you my love
I am spring sunshine
A cooling summer breeze
Wildflowers in the meadow
I am a flowing stream
Clear and pure
Cascading down
From the mountain peak

You never have to worry
About being burned or frozen
My fire will only ignite your own
My cold will be tempered
By our combined passion
Together we will blaze
Our own inferno
And the world will be ours


Passion by Idgie Stark is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Author: idgiestark

Writer of things.

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